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Who wants a Meccano (aka Erector) set for a present?

When I grew up in England I was the very proud owner of a Meccano set.  My Meccano set enabled me to build a working (sort of) locomotive. When I  arrived in North America I found out that Meccano didn’t … Continue reading

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Locomotive made from popsicle sticks

Club member Mike Aplet was kind enough to e-mail me this one. “Hi Tony, I thought that you might appreciate this. I found it on a slot car site of all places. The narrative that went with the photo was … Continue reading

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Fantasy Switchback Railroad

For the past three days I have been working on the design for a complex layout for a friend. Much, much frustration trying to get everything “in”. To relieve my inability to get it “all right” I began fantasizing about … Continue reading

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Night Time Run On the Sonora Pacific N.G. RR.

Club member Frank Smith lives way south of us Fort Braggers in Northern California. Frank lives near San Luis Obispo. Frank’s friend, John LaBarba, has just completed his garden layout – The Sonora Pacific N.G. RR. In John’s e-mail to … Continue reading

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Boot, the end of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway and Morecombe Bay Shrimp

As you can see from the map the seven mile trip ends at the village of Boot. Well, not quite – the end of the line is at Dalegarth. The totality of Dalegarth seems to be the station there. The … Continue reading

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Canfranc, the abandoned Nazi railway station in the Spanish Pyrenees

In 1928, the Canfranc International Railway Station was the biggest rail station in Europe, and was the centerpiece of a railway between France and Spain. Glamorous and over the top, the Spanish government hoped to attract rich visitors from across … Continue reading

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Cornish Pasties

If you visit Devon or Cornwall as wife Sarah and I did recently you’ll find that cornish pasties are very popular. How popular? In excess of 106 million pasties leave Cornwall every year. If you lined them all up ene-to-end … Continue reading

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Food, Food, Glorious Food – Sarah and Tony’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Trip to England

English food doesn’t have a very good reputation. Soggy, tasteless cabbage and all that, right? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The food we had on our five week trip to blighty was absolutely amazing, I am not saying it was cheap – … Continue reading

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