Minatur Wunderland – Largest Model Railroad in the World

Minatur Wunderland is the largest model railroad in the world. It was on my bucket list. It’s off ‘cos I went there. When in England visiting my parents a few years ago I went from London to Brussels through the Chunnel (the #1 item on my bucket list), travelled on a TEE (Trans Europe Express) train at 100 mph (#2 item on my bucket list) to Hamburg and visited Minatur Wunderland.

Member Tony Phillips has been there. He says, "I got there at one minute after nine and left one minute before it closed at 5 pm. That, I think tells you how good it is. I asked why the layout was never advertised in the United States and I was told, 'We sell out every day of the year and we are open 365 days of the year.' I also vividly recall that when I was walking back to my hotel I saw a restaurant offering 'steak' for a very reasonable price. The steak turned out to be wiener schnitzel – the best and biggest I have ever had. The memory of that meal came back to me when I was looking at the photos that Paul sent to me. What a day!!!!!"

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The world's biggest train set. It covers about 12,500 square feet

If these pictures haven’t got you drooling go here to see a four minute long video of Minatur Wunderland.