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Sturgeon's Mill at Sebastapol, CA. – a working steam driven mill

Club members in the summer of 2013 took a trip Sebastapol to visit Stugeons Mill - the last steam driven mill in California. They have an excellent website and I commend you to visit the history section and the historical photos section. There is also an excellent movie of the mill in operation.

On the day of the visit the weather was beautiful. The food was first class and club members had a great time. Our webmaster, Roger Thornburn, took some great photos – see below.

The log dump containing some really good looking redwood

The first thing you see as you drive in is the log dump which contained some really good looking redwood.




Click photo right to see a gallery of photos taken at Sturgeon's mill

Next you pass a corral wherein there some gorgeous shire horses Then there is the stump festooned with the tools used to fall a tree Pass this stump and you arrive at the Mill itself. The truck backed up into the mill takes away the cut lumber This is the oil fired boiler that powers the mill and the plane Close up of the saw blades in the mill. OSHA didn’t exist when this baby operated Shires taking a log to the mill Chains used to bring log to saw Close-up of log being sawed ….. before the days of OSHA Machine used to rip the planks into 2 by 4’s etc. The levers in the foreground set the machine to cut the various sizes The Planer The planer at work Old (alas non-working) Steam Donkey A nice 12" by 12"