E-Books in the Website

What’s an E-Book? An E-Book is digital version of a document, cover, back page, text and photos – the whole thing. It takes a lot of time to scan and convert books/documents/booklets/articles into e-form and make them “user-friendly”. Thanks to Roger Thornburn, our webmaster, and the software he has acquired and modified we have a large number of full text E-books within the website which are easily readable on the screen.

To make it easier to find and look at what we have included we have compiled a complete list below. The list can also be found near the bottom of the “sitemap” in the website.

Click on any of the links and the book/booklet etc. will appear. Click on the buttons to turn the pages (like the noise?). PDF versions are available in many cases if (like me) you prefer hard copy.

Here’s the list.

Western Railroader Magazines

Google Books

Google (believe it or not) has the full text of gazillions of books. We have “used” the following in the website: